Basement Waterproofing

If your home has seepage, mold, or water problems during heavy rain Basement Foundation Repair & Waterproofing can find a permanent solution to your water problems. Through our extensive experience with hundreds of projects, we know what solutions will work to alleviate your problems.

Interior Drainage - Interior drainage systems are a way to capture water at the point of entry and direct it away from your foundation. We can install a drainage system along the inside of your basement walls which will eliminate leaks, standing water and high humidity levels that can lead to mold.

Cracks - How do you know if those cracks in your foundation are just aesthetic or if they are a sign of a major foundation problem? We are experts at assessing cracks and their origins. Cracks don't always mean a major construction project. Frequently we can epoxy the crack and then track it for any changes or movement. By becoming familiar with your property and charting movement progression, we can create a solution that best fits the overall source of the problem.

Sump Pumps - If water leakage and drainage are a concern on your property, we can assess your sump pump requirements, install a system including a back-up and alarm and provide yearly sump pump maintenance and repair. Included in our installation plan are a full warranty, freeze stop installation, burying discharge lines and full safety inspections.

Finished Basement?

Finished basement? No problem! We can install our exterior waterproofing system along the outside of the wall. We excavate soil down to the foundation footing, wash wall of debris, patch all cracks with our signature sealer, install thick walled membrane sheeting and a Styrofoam protection board, along with an extensive amount of gravel for drainage. This approach, coupled with maintaining proper grading around the structure, will give you peace of mind that will last a lifetime.